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Timeless Events was founded in 2019 with the will to offer people more than the norm and to offer the population a place to come together and celebrate electronic music.


TIMELESS SPRING – The start of the year must be celebrated! When the first rays of the sun break through our skies and the temperatures finally reflect the warmth of the sun, then it's high time for Timeless Raves.

TIMELESS SUMMER FESTIVAL – Probably the biggest event in the Timeless calendar. A multitude of dance and music enthusiasts from the electronic music scene come together on this dreamlike day to celebrate the unbelievable beauty of the Swiss summer. An experience that you will remember for a long time.

TIMELESS AUTUMN - The first leaves fall from the trees and the surroundings get their unforgettably enchanting look. But the year of Timeless is far from over. It's just getting started!

TIMELESS WINTER - White landscapes, cold and cosiness characterize the winter. At Timeless Winter we're really heating up the booth for the end of the year and a worthy conclusion to the Timeless Seasons.


What follows from a Saturday night with a few beers? Exactly! One of the best ideas of our lives.

We developed enthusiasm for electronic music ages ago. It is therefore inevitable that we try with passion to offer you the best possible rave experience and to make a visit to one of our events a highlight of the year.

Convince yourself!


With exclusive locations, a breathtaking ambience and always the best drinks, we take the Timeless events to a new level. In addition, we know how to continuously convince our visitors with national and international DJs. Timeless offers a short break from everyday stress and pulls you into a world where time doesn't matter! Dance, drink, laugh and live!


2021 - After more than a year of event break due to the inevitably difficult situation around Covid-19, we were finally able to continue our event series again and the hour of birth of the first Timeless Autumn struck at 4:00 p.m. sharp on October 9th, 2021. We celebrated in the Stadthalle Uster our first international artist and showed once again that a top event is feasible despite a persistently complicated situation!

2020  - Our first event on August 22, 2020 already set the bar pretty high. Despite the incredibly difficult circumstances of the corona virus, we were able to offer our friends a break and take them musically to another world with names like Animal Trainer, Manuel Moreno, Nici Färber and LJ Guru. In the Eventhouse Rapperswil people lived, danced and celebrated until it was no longer possible. Undoubtedly a confirmation of our vision.

2019  - When we founded the company in mid-2019, we never thought that our projects would be so big. What started harmlessly with finding a name, finding a logo and looking for a partner, slowly developed into a movement that is intended to accompany Swiss festival culture.


If you are interested in supporting us at our events, then get in touch with us!

Maybe we can find a way for you to support us on our journey.

timeless team

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